“Fröken Märkvärdig & Karriären” belönas av internationella kritiker – Filmnyheterna june 14 2010. (swedish)
Svensk kortfilm belönad vid animationsfilmfestivalen i Annecy – Cinema june 14 2010. (swedish)
“Fröken Märkvärdig” prisad i Annecy – TT Spektra, Metro june 14 2010. (swedish)
“Fröken Märkvärdig” prisad i Annecy – TT Spektra, Västerbottens-Kuriren june 14 2010. (swedish)
“Fröken Märkvärdig” prisad i Annecy – TT Spektra, Östgöta Correspondenten june 14 2010. (swedish)
“Fröken Märkvärdig” prisad i Annecy – TT Spektra, Hallands Nyheter june 14 2010. (swedish)
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Farväl illustration – Interview, Cap & Design december 12 2007.


“Miss Remarkable is sure to find an audience among cynics and optimists nationwide. Joanna Rubin Dranger´s frank, witty text will hit a chord a minute with anyone who´s ever had a moment of self-doubt and her expressive, elastic visuals will make you feel like you´re watching an animated film rather than reading.”, USA

“I´ll keep this book next to me and read it whenever I find myself annoying.”

Actress Naoko Ijima, Japan

“I just saw your movie a few minuts ago…
Incredible to see “my” own life and thoughts on a screen… How do you know it all???
Upsetting experience (but useful, I’m sure…).
Thank you and congratulations! I love your style, and sensitivity. Go on like this!”
Sophie – architect, full of anxiety and hesitations, and trying do make my daddy proud of me, and trying to satisfy my mother, and looking for a job, and so afraid not to be skilled enough, and not listening to my husband who’s trying to support me… and always trying to save appearences!

“Just write you to tell that the movie was shown this after-midnight at french/german TV Channel “arte”. I really enjoyed it. Reminded me of the life I have to live. Kind of.
Beside that, it is really well done as well as the story is great and the style of drawing fits perfect in the sombre, melancholic flow to round it up.
Errr… Yes. Thank you. Best wishes for future projects!”

“Thank you for your amazing animation Miss Remarkable and her career! It was wonderfull!
(seen on the Planet Doc Film Festival in Warsaw).
Greetings from Warsaw”

“I´ve seen your film “Miss Remarkable And Her Career” at the Tricky Women festival in Vienna and I was touched. Maybe I saw myself in her.
Your work makes me smile and makes me cry.
This i wanted to tell you.”